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Nicky Webber

I’m a controversial character creator, lively and racy plot developer and crafty suspense maker.

Originally a journalist, I love true stories and pick over the bones of a real-life tale before recreating a narrative rich with emotional turmoil. I work across a few genres, biographical fiction, historical and romantic suspense. Intriguing characters and a fast pace are the hallmarks of my work. It’s enough to take your breath away. The trouble is, my books don’t easily fit into one specific genre – they’re Contemporary, Adult and apparently ‘fiction’ (shhhhh … all based on real-life stories of ordinary people engaged in secretive, extraordinary lives.) I can’t tell you exactly who they are, as I’m sworn to secrecy and will have to terminate you if the exact details ever got out!

I’m an author, wife, mother, friend, anti-plastic, save-the-planet enthusiast, animal and bird lover, talker, thinker, fun-lover, dog walker, giant spring-onion grower, swimmer and shark avoider. I’m never surprised by the nutty side of humanity’s madness – a source of much laughter. That last trait has come in handy!

I live in Cambridge, New Zealand with my husband and our two furry daughters, Schnauzer sisters Patsy and Edie, locked in my study churning out another new book – herding real-life characters into the next wild ride!

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Author Nicky Webber
No Ordinary Man by Author Nicky Webber

No Ordinary Man

5 Star Read

Mick Thompson’s secretive double-life throughout WWII continued after returning home to New Zealand in 1945.

This seductive true story explores love against the backdrop of this courageous ANZAC soldier’s fight in the Western Desert war in North Africa.

The writer skilfully delves into Mick’s personal struggle with sexuality, focusing on his alter ego. This real-life account challenges conventional thinking about bravery, male and female roles, love, lust and forgiveness.

The story exposes war and life on Mick’s return home with humour and insight making for a captivating book.

In The Deep End by Author Nicky Webber

In The Deep End – Book One

New Release

The story explores the irrationalities of human nature with a riveting narrative that challenges social convention.

This moving family saga contradicts moral stereotypes, defying love-bonds that should last a lifetime.

Set in California, two families travel to New Zealand and experience living and working between Los Angeles and Auckland, adding a richness and contrast in cultures. This family saga provides the perfect backdrop for confronting ordinary life while experiencing extraordinary relationships.

The story-line examines the main protagonist, Amira Davis’s life and how she loves two men, who are also best friends.

No Ordinary Man by Author Nicky Webber

In The Deep End – Book Two

Hot New Release For Christmas

This is the second book in the Deep End Series. This captivating family saga continues with Hawke, exploring his love relationships..

This romantic suspense deepens when Hawke and Sacha return to their native Los Angeles after a year in New Zealand. Their affair sets up a chain reaction that threatens their bond and exposes the family’s darkest secrets. Was it a mistake to include Fred in Hawke’s fraudulent plan and will Amira tolerate the level of deceit they all share in maintaining appearances?

The fine line between them defines the emergence and reversals of this delicate tale with unexpected love and loss exposed in this intriguing narrative. The cleverly drawn characters could comfortably live next door, as they bring you into their private real-life struggle to resolve the emotional web they have woven. This fast-paced story is unstoppable as the plot twists and turns, making for an unforgettable study in the complexities of modern relationships.

Read, In the Deep End: Book One, in this series to maximise your enjoyment of this fascinating contemporary series.