Life Interrupted!

Even the clock looks slightly skew …

Am I the only one who rises early and starts to work only to be interrupted by an urgent phone call to pick up a friend, who’s car is broken? I get back an hour later and just as I squeeze out the first free flowing sentence, I get the food call from the wild. “What’s for dinner?”
“Hey, leave me alone,” I want to shout out. The day has been a litany of dogs to the vet, a courier needing a signature. What? Can’t cyber satellites show that you’ve been here? We’ve already landed a man on the moon, but you can’t deliver a damn letter without a signature! Then the dust bunnies, not just in the corners of each room, but now multiplying out into the center of the carpet. I decide to quickly vac the floors before I get arrested for domestic neglect. Thank heavens there’s a NO Smacking Law in NZ, but I probably deserve a clip around the ears for not meeting my word quota! Only 500 words a day and I am four days behind!
‘You do know its 6.30pm?’ my husband sighs, rolling his eyes skywards, as I bolt out of my chair to check the kitchen clock. NOOOOOOoooooooo Where did the day go?

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