October is a Write Off

Saturation writing and speaking events abound!

The juggling act continues with several articles published in Season’s Magazine bringing my journalistic prowess to the fore along with the momentus completion of my fourth book, which is Book Two in the series, In the Deep End. It has been hastily fired off to the Editorial Assessor while I gird my proverbial waiting for the Assessor’s de-constructive advice. Yes ,the job of the Assessor is to pull the structure of the story apart and ask challenging questions (many I won’t be able to answer!) Here’s a few samples:

What the hell happened to the main protagonist in Chapt 12? You need to develop a few more chapters around resolving these issues for him.


Were you having a bad head day by Chapt 17 – you’ve completely lost the plot. Delete the following two chapters!

YES, Sir!

You really need to concentrate on the objective of your main character! Add more depth and meaning to his actions and language. You appear to be merging the three main protagonists into one conglomerate – an unholy combination of nasty and cute. Get with the effing program!

Yessssss, Sir! …

You’ve put some notes in RED in Chapt 24. I assume that’s for me? It says: Should I put Sex here? Of course, you should – put it where ever you can and probably more than once if you want to keep the readers interested!

Umm..yeah…OK, Sir.

After a fortnight or so, I’ll receive anything from two to 202 pages of criticism and advice on how to write a bloody good story. AND so, the ongoing polishing of the content continues…… Sigh…

During this blissful break from writing, I can catch up for coffee with friends, do real housework, cook authentic meals, and write my NewsBlog.

After listening to my life, I bet you’re grateful for yours!!

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