Take a Chance – You Only LIVE Once!

After working long, thankless hours in corporate business over many years, I realized that I had driven my career down a dark, relentless rabbit hole.

My day job was sucking my soul dry. There was no job satisfaction or regular lunch breaks, and all I could see was a perpetual cycle of clients, suppliers, and staff problems. If I was a runner, you could say it was equivalent to hitting a hard wall. Looking back now, I recognize the wasted years of worrying through sleepless nights, scribbling a to-do list that would make your eyes water.

All this to make shareholders more profits? Only an insane person would keep up the pace and jump higher and higher for each added demand. It was an easy decision to take time out and put a blowtorch under my proverbial. All the signs indicated I needed to opt-out and return to my first love. Writing.

My early career as a newspaper and magazine journalist proved my happiest days on the job. I submitted a couple of full-length fiction manuscripts to traditional publishers many years earlier when my three children were young, and so was I. One draft went through three readings at an international publishing house in the UK. I held my breath for those 270 hopeful days before they got back to me with a big fat NO.

But now, with many hard-won years of life experience, I became convinced I could hit the Best Seller List! So, five years ago, I chucked in my day job to focus on my true passion of being an author. No easy task with new software and online publishing skills a prerequisite for success. Finally, I have three books with the fourth currently at a professional Proof Reader. I await her red-pen magical marks over the 300 pages of In the Deep End – Book Two with trepidation! This ten-day break gives me a breather to re-write my bio like this and give you some coal-face insight into surviving Life’s hooks and sinkers.

Take a chance – you only LIVE once!

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