Whats the Problem with Book Reviews?

The REAL BUZZ about writing is meeting and talking to so many wonderful readers.

Strangers email me or come up and chat about my books. Some write messages of delight on Messenger or in private emails, which almost defeats the purpose of acknowledging a good book. On request, some have generously copied their comments onto my website or into GoodReads.com, where most of my reviews are available across all three books rated at 4.8+ stars.

Good book reviews are every author’s bread and butter. Without them, other readers won’t risk buying a virtually unknown writer.

Amazon represents seven million authors worldwide, and they have 80% of the reading market buying online. It is a tsunami of competitive choice!

About five years ago, Amazon clamped down on excessive book reviews. The authors were getting friends and family to deliver rave reviews, which made a joke of the entire process. The credibility of 4 and 5-Star Ratings was fake. To rectify this, Amazon imposed two rules:

  • You cannot be related to the author in any way and they scour your Facebook friends to check credibility. They block reviews from anyone closely associated with the writer.
  • You have to spend a minimum of $US50.00 within the past 12 months to enjoy a verified review status on Amazon.

This policy improves the integrity of Reader Ratings, but it’s created enormous barriers for new Authors, who lack the funding, to promote their work.

Authors depend on those book reviews to improve their rankings and garner sales. It’s no easy task.

So if you have a moment to write a couple of words on Amazon, I would very much appreciate it!



THANKS for your support!