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No Ordinary Man – is born

Several years ago, I was new to the area and my neighbour invited me to lunch with some local women. During the meal I overheard two women, I hardly knew, deep in conversation about WWII. My interest turned to intrigue when one of them discussed her cross-dressing Uncle who fought in the Western Desert in Egypt during the war. I interrupted and expressed my fascination.

A few weeks later the main protagonist’s niece gave me a large canvas bag with old, photos, letters, documents and about 50 pages of meticulously handwritten notes compiled by Uncle Mick. It was clear evidence that he transformed himself into Moira during the 1930’s until his death in 1979.

Moira was an entirely secret persona he had developed over the years, as his need to cross-dress became a focus in his life. He built a private, windowless room in his attic, where he took Polaroid photos of HERSELF, dressed in the latest imported suits, silk dresses and heels purchased through a Sydney mail order retailer. He was a decorated ANZAC sergeant in the New Zealand military and kept his secret life to himself. He also fathered a daughter in an affair with a married woman. There is lots to tell about this interesting character and how he survived family ridicule and humiliation.

It took two years of painstaking research and over 2,000 hours of writing to pull his compelling story together. I finally completed it in September 2018.  No Ordinary Man is exactly what this title describes. I’ve structured it as a creative or narrative non-fiction novel, as it is based on Mick’s true life story. It is structured in three parts, with 30 chapters depicting his wartime bravery and his life as Moira. A secret life he managed to live during very conservative, religious and constraining times.

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