Checking the Re-checking

With my wayward mind descending into more anxiety, I imagined I’d missed out some of the proofing changes and edits undertaken in the last few months of completing No Ordinary Man. I pulled out the three marked up copies – yes THREE. A copy was given to an Assessor to review the structure and advise on improvements. Most of which, I agreed with and amended the copy. Then a proof reader, combed through every syllable, grammatical error and poorly structured sentence, making notes in the margins and on some pages, all over it. I dutifully read and updated my 212 pages of copy.  Still not certain, I prevailed upon a good friend who retired from a career in book editing to cast her sharpened pen across my work. She offered some clever advice and discussed the content at length. I owe her, at least,  lunch and dinner with French Champagne!

Yesterday I lay the clean final copy on the dining table and surrounded it with the matching pages from the three Corrective Enforcers and matched page for page re-checking every comment and comma. It took copious cups of tea and  a ten minute lunch squeezed into long day to cross-check every utterance on those long awaited pages.

Next steps? Understanding Create Space in Amazon to format pages for e-Books including Kindle, mobile, tablets and laptops and looking at images for potential cover designs for hard copy and electronic devices. No Pressure!!!

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  1. You are so clever and talented. I am delighted that this book is coming to fruition. It certainly seems like a mammoth task to finalise what must already be a masterpiece.

    I hope you are getting some time out of that office of yours!

    I can hardly believe there are only 4 weekends till Christmas.
    Wishing you all the best with your new intriguing book!

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