No Ordinary Man – Excerpt only

The eBook and paperback should be available on before Christmas. Will keep you posted. In the meantime here’s a little taste …

Attempting some good grace, the four-legged beast loped ungainly through the early morning hours, sharpening Mick’s unease. His white knuckled grip on the surging hard leather saddle made him feel seasick. It had been a long anxious night. The rancid stench of the animal didn’t help either.

Mick was terrified of being caught and knew he faced being shot on sight. His heart thumped uncontrollably as his breathing quickened. He felt uneasy, straddled across the forever chewing camel on the outskirts of the Egyptian desert. The heat was already oppressive as the first rays of morning sunlight streaked across the indigo sky. Even now, the perpetual harassment from endless flies triggered continuous hand swatting around his face and head. He squinted but could barely make out the city of Cairo in the distance, gradually shimmering closer. It wouldn’t be long now and he would be back at the station ready to catch the first train back to Al Maadi Military Camp.

Mick Thompson was a Private in the New Zealand Army, still in a dirty uniform, sand and sweat embedded in the cotton fabric. His brown eyes squinted at the hard-blue line where the baking desert sand met the sharp cloudless sky. His senses were already programmed by the war to always be on high alert. He grabbed the thick webbing of his army satchel and shifted its weight across his shoulder, reassuring himself all was safe. He marvelled at the massive contrast Egypt was to his own home country. Small, wet, green New Zealand. Would he ever see home again? He missed his parents and his life. He had signed up fourteen months ago, never expecting to find himself in such a strange foreign land so far, far away. As the war crept across the world, so his tour of duty expanded to accommodate the Nazi invasion across Europe, Turkey and the Middle East. He had signed up before he could be conscripted; why wait, he had rationalised, when war was inevitable.

It seemed only a few months ago he had been watching the troops parading down Queen Street, lined with excited crowds roaring approval. There had been marching bands and loud enthusiastic cheering from the hordes of people along both sides of the main road to the Auckland Harbour. Battle-ready Battalions of young Kiwi troops, with their six weeks’ basic training completed, boarded the waiting ships bound for the Pacific Islands to protect the region from the on going threat of Japanese invasion.

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