No Ordinary Man Update

Many keen readers, clamoring for a copy of No Ordinary Man, have contacted me in the last few days. This 300-page book is now up on Amazon, BUT  it’s in a “hold” status while Amazon reviews the content and cover for three days. You can see them but not buy them … YET!

They check all new releases to ensure there’s no policy infringements before making the link public. No Ordinary Man will launch on 21st January. Probably USA time too! Fingers crossed! I’ve made the book R18 because there is language, naturally, in the tone of soldiers, violence as war is and sex which everyone does (except me!!). So hopefully, the age restriction will keep Amazon happy.

The eBook version for mobile, iPad, Tablet, laptop and Kindle, comes in a full-book version and also in three separate parts so is more affordable and gives some people the opportunity to try a Part before they buy.

Part One – War’s Roulette

This section immerses readers in Mick’s family life.  He signs up for military duty in WWII. This part of the book sets the scene in the 1930s to 1940 with early hints at his sexual identity.

Part Two – Bon Courage

Stationed near Cairo and moving in convoy to the frontline war with Nazi Germany. The in-your-face experience of fighting in the trenches during the battle of El Alamein. His secret obsession develops, and he takes a few risks with public exposure, struggling to keep his double-life under wraps while fighting in the Western Desert War.

Part Three – Illicit Love

He returns home in 1945 and falls in love with someone else’s wife. But how is going to keep his private double-life secret from her?

Some of you, who don’t know me, may wish to sample the content of one of these eBook Parts to try before you buy the full version.

I’m no historian, so the book is written through the eyes of the real-life personality of Mick Thompson with the collaboration of his niece, diary notes, a few photographs and lots of research into the war and that era. This is why it took more than two years to write the intriguing real-life story of No Ordinary Man.

Once Amazon releases the link to me, I will forward it to all interested readers so if you LIKE or SHARE you’ll be the first to know its LIVE on Monday!

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Once again, THANKS to you all for your positive energy, excitement, and support for this project. It’s ALMOST  HERE!

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