Being In the Deep End

In between completing and marketing No Ordinary Man I have been researching and writing my next book. This time it will be fiction – contemporary romance for the thinking woman.

The brain storming clouds of creativity are looming for my next NEW book

In The Deep End explores the concept of Polyandry – one wife with two or more husbands. Yes it’s a thing! And I know you’re asking yourself WHY? One husband is enough to handle!! In fact it’s so much of a thing that a huge genre of young adult publishing called ‘Reverse Harem‘ has taken the market by storm over the past few years. But on closer investigation, much of it’s wild outrageous erotic fantasy! Way too OTT for this century’s thinking, intelligent reader.

Leave fantasy to the fantasists. I’m talking about the real thing!! I’m writing about a credible, real relationship, about real people, where one wife has two husbands and how that stacks up in the real world.

I’m finalizing the draft and will be sending it for Editorial Assessment tomorrow. After the feedback and recommendations I’ll knuckle down and cull the dead words and rework the structure based on the experts suggestions.

So watch this space because I’d like some help with the copy for the back cover blurb along with other aspects of the story, like last time. I’ll keep you posted and put some draft chapter excerpts up here for you to read. Am thinking of making this into a series as the story line follows two families and their saga from the past into the present. Already thinking about the second book in this series continuing some of the characters and how they develop and play the hand life has dealt them.

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