In the Deep End – Cover

Another brilliant design from Pete Brasler who has captured the essence of this NEW contemporary romance to be released in April/May. He worked with several images and took a 5 line brief and translated it into an arresting cover. THANKS Pete for excellent creative work!

Love to hear what you think – does this cover attract your attention. See for the back cover blurb too.

3 thoughts on “In the Deep End – Cover

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  1. Whow Nicky. A book of two halves. I couldn’t put it down. The WW2 part was so well researched and written. Have never considered cross dressing yet? The pressure he must have been under in those days as it was so taboo.
    Thank you for the signed copy and comment and I have to say that it was a bit more classy than Crumpy. So glad I encouraged you so much to read and write.
    Waiting for the next one.

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    1. Thanks so much for your generous comments & am both relieved & delighted that you enjoyed it. High praise indeed to be compared to wonderful Crumpy!! Haha. Thanks again. Nicky PS: You made short work of feeling the pressure!! Haha


    2. I replied last night via my phone but looks like it didn’t come through. Many thanks for your generous comments and being placed in the same sentence as dear old Crumpy! Now that’s a real accolade! I’m so glad you encouraged reading and writing too or could still be trapped in the boring day job!! Free at last!! hahaha. All the very best and Thanks again.

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