Book Two In Series

I’ve been told several times that books sell better if they’re in a series. Positive reviews of the first book make it ideal for a followup in this contemporary family/romance saga. Their are a few adjustments that have to be made of course.

(1) An amended cover for, In the Deep End, which will now have Book One, added to its cover and will need to be re-uploaded.

(2) The content in the front of the book will need “Book One” included on the header pages or front matter. Similarly the blurb will need to reference that it is the first in series with Book Two (above), soon to follow.

(3) Amending the information and notifying Amazon that both these books are linked as a series. Uploading the new covers (for both books) and the new inside title page content for the first one will need to be confirmed.

(4) None of this can happen yet, of course, you’re merely getting a heads-up that a second book in this series is in the works. It’s about half finished and the feedback on the back cover blurb was gratefully received and appreciated.AND included in the draft cover design. THANKS

I’ve amended this new cover and hope it evokes the same keen interest as the first book. Please let me know what you think? The trick is in the marketing. No Kidding!! So once Book Two is completed I will be marketing Book One and referencing Book Two in ad campaigns towards the end of the year.

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