In a PaperPlus Book Store near you

I’m so excited my books are now available in Cambridge Paper Plus book store. They can now be ordered through this retail chain nationwide. BIG THANKS to owner, Hamish Wright, pictured with me next to my favourite books! Haha PLEASE SHARE. Many thanks everyone.

Both books are enjoying four to five star status and below is some of the positive feedback:

Both my books are now available at PaperPlus in Cambridge

In the Deep End is an excellent read. With every page, I was drawn more and more into the characters, and became intrigued by the story-line that took unexpected twists and turns. Then I simply could not tear myself away from the book. I found it fascinating read. Nicky Webber is an excellent writer and as the story unveiled – it kept me riveted, all the way to the unexpected last chapter.

Long after you have put the book down, haunting images remain – such is the power and pull of Nicky’s words in ‘No Ordinary Man’. She has a sound grasp of her characters and the story-line of a war that impacted the entire world. What surprised me was the level of compassion and the resolution of this compelling story.

A powerful book. Some do it hard.I’ve always felt very fortunate to have not had to fight in a war, what a terrifying thought. Although I’ve read a bit about the war, No Ordinary Man is my first Kiwi perspective of it, a refreshingly different view very powerfully portrayed from a personal perspective. Excellent.

You can also purchase them from or direct from the Author. Email

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