Whats the Best Advice You Ever Received?

I’ve a wonderful friend who’s older than me. Throughout my child-rearing daze, she was always ten years ahead, offering sage advice at every stumble.

Her words of wisdom still guide me today. One of the most notable was the following:

“Before going out anywhere make sure your nipples are aligned.” 

Thank you, Mrs Marais! 

I know it’s not funny for all those who have breastfed! But when you ponder this astute advice, you soon understand that this is a universally applicable life lesson. Make sure you look sharp, have nothing out of place. Always put your best well-constructed self out there. This applies in real life. There’s nothing more disconcerting, talking to a mother of five and one nipple points towards her kneecaps while the other is angling towards her armpit. Of course, this is more obvious in freezing weather and can be a ghastly distraction when you want to make a valuable point like this one!

Make sure your thoughts are aligned, as well as your nipples, with your goals. And your goals aligned with your actions. I could go on and on, as I usually do, but you get the picture. I’ll leave you with these pearls of wisdom, while I indulge in the more basic needs of padded undergarments!