I’ve been trying to immerse myself in writing my new book, Crow’s Song, part of a historical fiction series if I ever get the first book completed!

At this spluttering start-stop stage it may devolve into a stand-alone novel. Somehow, life gets in the way and besides, I’m tired. Exhausted by political stagnation in the world and bored with COVID-19. Thankfully, the latter looks to mostly resolved by a vaccine rollout worldwide in 2021.
Politically correct rhetoric plays to global audiences but scrape the thin veneer from the surface and inaction is the latest trend. Are we all suffering from end-of-year-itis? A middle-class malaise emotionally drained as it sucks our sensibilities down the economic gurgler. Not surprising then, to learn I’m heading off to the South Island for a week, swanning around Queenstown, Lake Tekapo and Christchurch. I can barely wait to get away from my laptop, escape from the confines of my cluttered office, and hit the open road. Journeying through the South Island is like travelling in a painting, dramatic snow-tipped, purple mountains rise from yellowed grassy knolls and flat planes to meet you at the roadside as you race past, heading for the next delectable lunch and vineyard wine tasting. Why taste it if you can drink the entire bottle? You’re right, my sentiments exactly!
Breaking out and flying in facemasks is the rule now which I will absolutely abide. So concerned am I about the breathing-risk of flying, I’m likely to hold my breath for the entire hour’s duration!

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