Many of you will know that I support an Afghan mother and five children along with a small group of friends. 

Mahnaz Sharifi, a fourteen year old girl living in Kabul with her mother and four siblings is the gifted young artist that created these pencil drawings. We are selling them on printed cards to help support this family.

After Afghanistan fell to the Taliban in August 2021, all females lives have been restricted. Mahnaz is not allowed to attend school, or leave the house, without her brother.

Her father has been caught up in Australia’s offshore detention centre for almost 10 years and is unable to support his family.

I am selling these cards to keep this family alive until their husband and father can settle in Canada to start a new life, and his family can be reunited with him.

Please support me in helping this family. ALL proceeds go directly to the family. There are no admin fees or additional costs. Every last cent goes directly to this Mother and her five children. I am personally covering the printing costs myself to ensure all the money goes to this family.

Four Gift Cards cost $20.00 (pictured)

Please add $1.00 for postage anywhere in New Zealand.

Direct deposit details will be supplied on request.

Many thanks in advance for your kind donation to support this struggling family.