Carole Brungar’s new novel, Loving Summer, is a real treat and an epic love story of our time.

Scott and Summer’s unforgettable love story will bring joy to your heart and tears to your eyes.

It’s Christmas in the killing fields of Vietnam, and when Corporal Scott Taylor calls his men together and hands out mail from a school back home, he’s unaware the card he opens will change his life forever.

Everyone loves Summer Bryant. She’s a wild child born into the transient world of hippies, communes, and free love. And she’s against the war that’s killing thousands of innocent lives in Vietnam.

Yet, through the pages of Scott and Summer’s letters, an unforeseen friendship forms that becomes a bond so strong, that neither understands the grip it has over them.

Home from Vietnam, Scott finds the world has moved on without him. When his life spirals out of control, he’s convinced even the letters from Summer can’t save him this time.

After years of silence, fate throws them together. Shocked to finally come face to face with Summer, Scott realises the attraction between them is stronger than ever.

But the past is rapidly catching up to this beautiful free-spirited woman. Will Scott’s unconditional love be enough to save Summer? Or will this be one war that Scott has no chance of winning?

Book 4 in the Return to Nam multi award-winning Series, Loving Summer is Scott’s story.

For fans of Nicholas Sparks, Jojo Moyes and Lucinda Riley, comes 20th century historical fiction at its gripping best.

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