Nearly as HARSH as Reality!

Let’s face it, the World Wars have been literally done to death and it was Armistice this weekend.

So my expectations were low when we visited the National Museum, Te Papa, in New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington. It was a breath-taking experience with 2.4 times the life-sized soldiers from WWI Gallipoli battle struggling in trenches along the Turkish shoreline. Heart rendering letters from the soldiers trapped in the trenches were read over speakers as the sombre crowd moved through the most amazing exhibits I’ve ever seen. Created and designed by Peter Jackson’s Weta Studios, this incredible experience is something everyone needs to see. Even the hairs on the soldiers hands, the dirt under fingernails and the blood shot eyes were richer than reality. A sad and moving time in our history but definitely a must see! The day before we enjoyed a tour through Weta Studios at Miramar,  only 15 minutes from Wellington’s CBD was another astounding experience.

Well worth going to Wellington!!