TWO GREAT Book Reviews

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful feedback I’ve been getting for my two new books – both published this year. Yesterday I received two GREAT book reviews from delighted readers.

“This book is a superb piece of work: an incredibly sensitive and perceptive insight into both the female and male emotional psyche. I read, In the Deep End, straight through – between laughter and tears. You are truly exceptional. Can’t wait for masterpiece Number Three.” Sean Lowe

“Long after you have put the book down, haunting images remain – such is the power and pull of Nicky’s words in ‘No Ordinary Man’. She has a sound grasp of her characters and the storyline of a war that impacted the entire world. What surprised me was the level of compassion and the resolution of this compelling story.”  Karen Bowller

Buy direct from the Author ($25 incl postage within NZ ) or Amazon ($39 incl postage) link below:

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The Chemistry of Stories That Bind Us

The power of story-telling and the impact it has on our lives is undeniable. From ancient cavemen history where blood, charcoal, and ochre communicated before language was born, humans expressed their experiences in stories. Our history abounds with legends and myths, and it seems that nothing much has changed today. Instead of sitting around a campfire, we bask in the electronic glow of the internet where social media, news links, and gossip is conveyed moment by fractured moment. There is an addictive quality amongst our tribes where we hanker after news, views and more information. We only have to observe the modern obsession with Facebook, and the like, to realise the growing drug-like dependency, in online offerings to realise there’s something else at play. So, what’s going on?

What is it that holds us and keeps us glued to our devices and pulls us together and apart from others? The polarising of information is addictive, them and us, divided along political and religious lines which has become more pronounced over recent years. Rest assured, it’s not merely the stories exchanged amongst members of specific ethnic, political or religious groups. It goes a whole lot deeper.

Recent research shows that when we watch a movie, read a book or engage online with podcasts, social media or listening, our human brain lights up in the feel-good and primal areas. This response surprised and encouraged researchers to take blood tests from participants and see what chemicals the brain was unleashing on unsuspecting humans. The results were intriguing.

When people listen or read stories of any kind, including, sometimes, destructive gossip on social media, their brains release a series of feel-good hormones. Three hormones were identified; Dopamine, the hormone that gives people a sense of well-being, contentment and promotes calm acceptance, Serotonin, the anti-depressant uptake hormone often experienced after exercise, and Oxytocin, the bonding hormone that floods the bodies of mothers and babies during childbirth. This hormone is active in bonding lovers and parents to their children, and it appears, human tribes, that share the same stories too. We are, in fact, connected by our chemistry.

 It’s more than our culture and language that binds us. It is the hormones flooding our bloodstreams when we participate in collective story-telling. Let’s go back to the primitive Neanderthal times of our pre-existence. We need to be bonded, in any way possible, to ensure our tribe’s survival. Stories, legends, myths, gossip, and in more contemporary times, social media and cyberspace allow us to connect and remain addicted to the positive, feel-good hormones and stay closely connected to our cohort.

It will come as no surprise then, that humans are suffering from sleep deprivation at an alarming rate. Scientific research has confirmed that the glowing blue light from smartphones and computer devices breaks down the sleep hormone, melatonin in our brains, affecting our essential biological ability to function. After all, sleep deprivation has been a form of torture throughout centuries of historical conflict. So, the message is, break from your addiction and turn those devices off at least two hours before bedtime, to let your primitive biological human brain do what it’s supposed to, and support your ability to sleep.

Written by New Zealand author, Nicky Webber. For more information see Nicky Webber’s author page on and

No Ordinary Book Give Away

Article from Cambridge News: Local author Nicky Webber was amongst the many Cambridge residents paying their respects during the Anzac remembrance service at the Cambridge Town Hall last week.

The Tamahere resident is now a published author, with her latest book No Ordinary Man out in January. Cambridge News has two signed copies of the book to give away.

It details the life of no ordinary man in the Anzac core, one which lived a secret double life both during World War 2 and afterwards.

“It’s an intriguing, fascinating, interesting story,” said Nicky, who spent two years writing the book. “The story is really about acceptance of people that are different.

“I want the reader when they start reading it to see that he’s a great guy, he’s a hero, and then very slowly, you see hints as the story develops, that he’s living this secret life.

“Some people think its just another Anzac story, but then when they read it they can’t put it down.”

Having grown up with parents who survived World War 2 as children in Europe, as well as having veterans in the family, Nicky grew up hearing quite a few war stories.

But in this war story, she had to change the main character’s name, and a few crucial details to keep his identity a secret. His own daughter doesn’t know his true “self”, Nicky learned the story from his niece, as well as his own scribbled notes, to piece together what she calls a well-researched “creative non-fiction” piece.

“It’s a fascinating story,” said Nicky, adding that she felt the pressure to get it right.

“I think now is the best time to share his story, no publisher would have touched it decades ago,” she said. “It probably would have been banned!”

To win a signed copy of No Ordinary Man, send your full name and contact number to: no later than 9am, Tuesday May 7.

Just Friends or Lovers?

In the Deep End is the latest book from New Zealand Author, Nicky Webber. It’s a love story between two couples who are life-long friends and is set in both California and New Zealand. Below are a few comments from readers who took on the onerous task of assessing the book during the weeks leading up to its publication on

“I loved reading it! The characters are so real, I felt like I was part of their lives.” – Sue

“Addictive!” – Tina

“Intrigued me from the start and the relationship between the two couples and the close-up involvement in their emotional lives was incredible. I didn’t want it to end. – Jayne

Brand NEW contemporary family saga – the love, lives and a life-long affair between friends.

You’ll love this romance and its complicated premise with characters firmly rooted in reality. Leave fantasy fiction to the fantasists. This authentic love story exposes the sharp edge of passion and pain. Set in California, two couples travel to New Zealand and live and work between both countries adding a richness and contrast in cultures. This family saga provides the perfect backdrop for confronting ordinary life while experiencing an extraordinary relationship. The narrative delves into the main protagonist’s life and how she loves both men, two best friends. This novel takes you into the hearts and minds of these two married couples who navigate through the 21st-century convention.  Based on a true story, In the Deep End, explores the commitment of polyandry, a rare loving relationship between a woman with two or more husbands. The book uncovers what’s taken place for centuries, but has operated underground, within a secretive social layer in society. In the Deep End has a glossary at the back which references past polyandrous relationships which developed into the kernel of an idea informing the basis for this intriguing new book.

In the Deep End, explores the commitment of polyandry, a rare loving relationship between a woman with two or more husbands. The book uncovers what’s taken place for centuries, but has operated underground, within a secretive social layer in society. In the Deep End has a glossary at the back which references past polyandrous relationships which developed into the kernel of an idea informing the basis for this intriguing new book.

More information about the back-story is available on this website a or see live updates on

Reader’s Five-Star Reviews

I throughly enjoyed reading this amazing story. It is incredibly well researched and beautifully written.  The characterization is brilliant. No Ordinary Man describes the life and innermost thoughts and emotions of a war hero during his years of military service. I highly recommend this book. Sonja

I started this book with doubts, as it dealt with war. Then I totally got absorbed with the main character Mick and waited eagerly every day for time to read. Now that I’ve finished the book I feel so lonely, I miss them. I hope the author writes more, what a reading a pleasure. Dr A Risenberger

A powerful book.Some do it hard. This book is my first Kiwi perspective on the war, a refreshingly different view, very powerfully portrayed. Excellent. Stephen

A truly remarkable story. As I read the book I was unable to put it down. Such an intriguing  story with many twists and turns. Well done. Sharron

I really enjoyed betting to know Mick. The detail in the book has been so well researched and Mick a s a person came to life for me. Bernie

It only took a few chapters for me to connect with this book. I had to keep on reading – from the brutalities of war, to the tenderness of enduring friendships and unusual alliances, this book gripped me on a number of levels.  Carmen

No Ordinary Man had me riveted from cover to cover. An amazing insight into this fascination man’s life, loves and tragedies. I was  disappointed when it finished. Marilyn

For these and other reviews see, and

See readers comments and feedback on Facebook author page: nickywebbernz

Book Makes Case for Tolerance

Yesterday’s review of No Ordinary Man in the Tamahere Forum:

Tamahere author Nicky Webber has made a strong plea for tolerance in her first book No Ordinary Man. Webber, a former journalist, tells the story of Mick Thompson, a young, World War II soldier who is forced by the times and intolerance to hide his true nature. A brave soldier who fought in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and Italy and gained the rank of Sargent, Thompson was also a cross dresser.

A chance conversation led Webber to the story and a meeting with Thompson’s niece. In a few weeks she had old documents, photos, news clippings and his tattered diary.

“It took two years of historical research and many discussions with his niece to pull the story together,” says Webber.

“Apart from getting the facts straight there was the dramatisation of Mick’s life as seen through his eyes, building the character and his relationships. It was tough going living in the head of a 20 year old ANZAC soldier in the Western Desert war!”

Read More in the popular Tamahere Forum online:

Egyptian Desert where No Ordinary Man is set for part of the story

NEW eBook Release! In the Deep End

Pre-order your new kindle eBook before it’s release on Amazon on April 30th. The contemporary fiction paperback will arrive soon.

This bold new novel examines the complexities of marriage and the love bonds that hold us and sometimes kill us. It explores the irrationalities of human nature with a riveting narrative that challenges social convention. This moving family saga contradicts moral stereotypes, defying love-bonds that should last a lifetime.

Set in California, two couples are lifelong friends struggling with the sudden death of Mila Jones, leaving her husband, Alex, alone with his best friends, Fred, and Amira Davis. This contemporary romance uses humor and poignancy to investigate their forbidden love. They travel between New Zealand and America delivering a vibrant backdrop for what seems like ordinary domestic life, while experiencing an extraordinary love affair, often captured in private emails exchanged between the main protagonists.
These well-crafted personalities buck social norms as they navigate their way through an emotional tempest that threatens to rupture them apart.

Only $3.99 for the eBook which downloads to various electronic devices including your mob phone. Get the FREE Amazon kindle App from your app store so you can read it on your laptop, tablet or phone anywhere, anytime.

Those who prefer paper will enjoy the new paperback due to be released by April 30th. Will keep you posted. Please share. THANKS

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