I’m stepping away from Social Media.

Moving away from social media is big move after years of involvement. I’ve been mulling over this shift for some months and now seems like the best time. A clean start in 2023!

I don’t know about you, but nearly everyone I speak to both here and overseas, has the same sense of the world spiralling our of control. Apart from Social Media taking a lot of time to create and manage, I realised it’s not delivering any value – at least for now.

The tail is wagging the dog as ‘normal‘ life unravels with more crazy talk on MSM than ever before. It’s a “time suck” a fellow author told me and I had to agree. Where is the value in everyone’s opinion with little fact to back it up?

I stopped watching television for the first time in my life about five months ago. Here’s the newsflash – I haven’t missed it at all! Better still, my sanity is still intact! I realised the important people in my life are in regular contact and the interests I am passionate about are not anything to do with 99 percent of the stuff I wade through on my newsfeeds. Yes, I’ve deleted those too.

With an objective of a focused creative mind existing in a peaceful, calm life, I have frozen my Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok accounts. Let’s see if it makes any difference to my perspective during 2023? I could be eating humble pie this time next year!

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All good wishes to you and yours in the coming twelve months. After all, we live in INTERESTING Times!


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