I’m Working In Wild Cape Town, South Africa

I’ve become a global nomad – working my way around the planet – experiencing all kinds of different lifestyles and cultures. Wild Cape Town is my current home.

This time I’ll be three months in Wild Cape Town, looking after my two grand daughters during the school holidays. It’s been a baptism by fire!

I arrived from my very quiet New Zealand semi-rural, backwater life. My husband and I both work from home without a sound in our house, apart from the occasional dog barking or wintery wind blast. I’m still in a state of shock at the energised action and noise two young children can make. I arrived in wild Cape Town on 5th July and have really enjoyed the chatter and antics of two children under the age of five! The activity and the litany of questions has kept me on my toes with lots of laughter and shock in quick succession!

They returned to the school on the 19th July and I’ve managed to regroup my creative forces and finally get down to the nitty gritty of writing my new book, Whisper Island, set on a remote and isolated island in the Pacific. Five school friends gather for a reunion holiday when the proverbial hits the fan. It’s a psychological domestic thriller too. I like that genre and also hope to set another story in wild Cape Town when I get the chance to explore more of the city and surrounding countryside.

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Enjoy a lovely weekend and happy reading!