I’d like to make a big shout out to a few wonderful people who have helped me hone, Crow’s Song, BEFORE it went to the Editor.

Many thanks for reading the first draft, along with the wonderful advice and ‘Where’s Wally’ skills  detecting missing words, details, and inconsistencies. Some glaring mistakes too – as always after working on getting the words down , I simply, cannot see the woods for the trees! Thanks again to Sonja Konings, Terry Richmond, Gaylene Atkins, Marilyn Rawlinson, and my long-suffering mother-in-law Carolyn Webber, who has also had to put up with me talking about the book for the past eighteen months!

The manuscript is with the Editor, Tina Shaw, who works her magic across my story and has already sent the first ten chapters back. I spent the weekend updating and reworking the content according to Tina’s advice. She has a brilliant knack for picking up plot and structural issues along with strong content editing. She’s just sent me an email saying I’ll get the whole manuscript back this week!

So don’t expect to hear from me again for a couple of weeks as I plough through the fixes and polish my draft into a glowing masterpiece! Hahaha

Enjoy reading the first two edited chapters of Crow’s Song here. Based on a true WWII love story, it will soon be up in pre-order status on Amazon, and I will have print copies in late February which Kiwi’s can buy direct from me.