GREAT book Review

Great review for In the Deep End – Book One from Seasons Magazine.

The is an excerpt from a full page book review in the October edition of Seasons Magazine – with over  100,000 readers across the Bay of Plenty and Waikato.

“The author takes you into the hearts and minds of these two married couples who navigate through 21st-century social convention.  In the Deep End, is a superb piece of work: an incredibly sensitive and perceptive insight into both the female and male emotional psyche. Not unlike that classic, Men are from Mars, the writer places the characters in an emotional cauldron and sets them on fire.

This fiction novel puts a microscope on the differences between the sexes, both in confronting serious issues and developing a resilience to find pragmatic solutions. Nicky Webber delivers a gripping tale which cleverly contrasts humour with heartache. There are unexpected twists and turns, with a focus on ordinary domestic lives in direct conflict with the main characters extraordinary love affair which is often captured in well-crafted private emails, scattered among the 235 pages.”

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