After years of exhaustive research, I made a scandalous discovery!

As we head for the beaches, it’s time to determine the true creator of the Bikini? The world thinks the flimsy two-piece was first worn in Paris in 1946. You can assume the enthusiasm after WWII spilled over into beachwear. But there’s no beach there!

Delving further into antiquity, I discovered they wore the bikini in ancient Rome, pictured here in Pompei before Jesus was born. This origin is no surprise. The bikini is in Roman’s DNA. But back over two thousand years ago? Mamma Mia!

After this amazing breakthrough, I thought the evolution of swimming costume might amuse you. If you’re like me, and dread forcing your middle-aged body into a one-piece, spare a thought for women in the 1800s! Time to dust off that water-proof Lycra and dip a toe in the water and enjoy some summer fun!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and enjoyable Christmas and hope this is more amusing than current global pondering on viruses, politics, and economics. Yawn. The good news is 2021 has got to be an improvement.