Chat & Spin UK Interview

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Listen to UK Interview

Sunday 29th March 10.10am

Just to let you know I am being interviewed by UK presenter, Ronald Clark, on Chat & Spin Radio https://chatandspinradio.com/ at 10.10am Sunday (tomorrow 29th March) discussing my writing. Tune in online if you wish.

I’ll post the actual link of the interview once it’s complete.

THANKS for your support!


Cambridge News Talks to Nicky Webber

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Book Published, and Won

Cambridge author, Nicky Webber, has recently launched her fourth contemporary fiction book, In the Deep End-Book Two.

And two News readers – Jackie Mical and Pauline Reid – have each won a copy.

‘I’m intrigued by male and female relationships, and this story focusses on a trio I met some years ago,’ Nicky explains. ‘Two couples who were best friends and when one of the wives dies, the widowed […]

No Ordinary Man Book Review

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New Book Review of No Ordinary Man

Verified independent reader from Facebook.

“I have just finished, ‘No Ordinary Man’.  It was most enjoyable and informative. My dad was in the 2NZEF in North African campaign and the sent to Greece and Crete where he was captured and spent the rest of the war in a POW camp in Germany. This book gave me an amazing insight into the desert conditions. I understand […]

In the Deep End Book 1 – Chapter 3

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In the Deep End – Book One – Chapter 3

Follow my blog and read the first four chapters of this book by Nicky Webber for FREE

 Chapter Three

A Year Earlier

Mila brushed her hair back from her face with the back of her flour-covered hand. Reaching for the rolling pin she continued pressing out the stubborn dough. The white stone benchtop in her modern kitchen was perfect for […]

In the Deep End Bk 1 Chapter 2

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Enjoy Chapter Two from In the Deep End-Book 1

Continuing on from my previous Chapter One in my blog and facebook page: Read for free right here!



In the early evening, several weeks later, Alex stood in the fading light, surveying the soft expanse of the master bedroom he used to share with his late wife. He was sure he could still sense her presence in the room. He could smell […]

In the Deep End Book One Chapter One

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In the Deep End – Book One will have the first four chapters blogged over the next few weeks. Subscribe to get the latest updates.


Written by Nicky Webber

Published by Media Publishers Ltd

Copyright © 2019 Nicky Webber

The right of Nicky Webber to be identified as the author of this work in terms of section 96 […]

When Pluto Bites – Plutocracy

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When Pluto Bites

Food for thought over the weekend – enjoy a good one!

The word plutocracy is rising to the surface in many news feeds recently. I thought it may be something to do with Pluto, the affable independent dog that belonged to Donald Duck (for those of you under 35 – that’s an ancient Disney World cartoon). Or that it meant a political structure that was outside the norm, like […]

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