How Much Sh*t Is An Overload?

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How Much Sh*t Is An Overload?

It’s almost New Year so it’s time to let go of all the accumulated sh*t that stuck to you during 2019. Take a big breath and let it go.

I should know. I live in a bird house. A grapevine on our deck is home to 30 nesting birds. That means my home reverberates with noise from birds, their kids refusing to fly the coop and […]

Shark Attack (Almost!)

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Shark Tampering & Tasty Treats

The last time I felt this uneasy, I was swimming at 5 am off the coast of Byron Bay in Australia.

I swam in the early morning half-light with the shoreline behind me, and began body surfing back towards the beach through the calm, even-tempered waves.

On the fourth swim out, in the direction of the […]

What WILD Webs We Weave

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What WILD Webs We Weave!

I’ve just wiped the sweat from my furrowed brow after battling outside trying to drape four meters of tiny LED lights around a couple of outdoor trees.

 You know the drill. I unwisely thought I’d make an attempt to get into the Christmas spirit because I’ve resisted the indoor tree this year.

Do you like my sexy white zinc’d schnoz in keeping with the […]

Short Story About Revenge

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Epidemic Levels of Family Violence

Every five weeks a child dies, and 21 partners have been murdered, so far this year.

Police are called out every three minutes to deal with a family violence in New Zealand and they deal with over 100,000 cases of domestic violence a year. Assistant Police Commissioner for Harm Prevention, Sandra Venerables discussed the complexities of family violence on TV3 today. She explained there had been an […]

Brutal Truth About My Past

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My Neanderthal Genes!

I was quietly minding my own business, and out of left field, an email update from 23andme.com arrived in my inbox relating to a genetics test I did ten years ago.

This new “Trait Report” had some wild and wonderful things. It stated: “Unibrow… Likely No Unibrow.” Thank heavens for that! Finally, my face and back waxing is starting to pay off. (Yes, impatience is my key trait), it […]


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Book Two Gets Glowing Reader Feedback!

After the editors had worked their magic, the Crash Test Reading Team, scrutinised my NEW book.

Some have already returned their copy of, In the Deep End – Book Two, with GREAT responses!

“What a great read Nicky, I couldn’t put it down, reading it all in a couple of hours!  Can’t wait for your next one.” Larraine

“Another unique story about this extended family and their secrets. […]

Pre-Order the latest book In the Deep End Series

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Pre-Order In the Deep End – Book Two

Perfect for Christmas holiday reading – order now for 1st of December release!

This is the second book in the Deep End Series. This captivating family saga continues with Hawke, exploring his love relationship.

This romantic suspense deepens when Hawke and Sacha return to their native Los Angeles after a year in New Zealand. Their affair sets up a chain reaction that threatens their bond […]

Armistice Weekend in Wellington

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Nearly as HARSH as Reality!

Let’s face it, the World Wars have been literally done to death and it was Armistice this weekend.

So my expectations were low when we visited the National Museum, Te Papa, in New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington. It was a breath-taking experience with 2.4 times the life-sized soldiers from WWI Gallipoli battle struggling in trenches along the Turkish shoreline. Heart rendering letters from the soldiers trapped in […]


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You can download the FREE kindle version of, In the Deep End Book One, for four days ONLY!

Diarise this offer for a Free kindle copy  of, In the Deep End – Book One, from Sunday Oct 10th to Thurs Oct 14th.

Read this contemporary page turner by New Zealand Author Nicky Webber.  Ideal for the Christmas holidays – Two American couples escape to New Zealand’s summer. Enjoy […]

What Readers Want

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What Do Readers Want?

Excitement and escape, with intrigue, so at the end of every chapter, you are desperate for MORE …

BUT before you take the bold step, of actually purchasing a book, you want to know two things, apart from professional editing and a great cover:

(1) What’s this book about?

My books deal with real people living real lives but with twists and turns that take you […]

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