The Chemistry of Stories That Bind Us

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The Chemistry of Stories That Bind Us

The power of story-telling and the impact it has on our lives is undeniable.

From ancient cavemen history where blood, charcoal, and ochre communicated before language was born, humans expressed their experiences in stories. Our history abounds with legends and myths, and it seems that nothing much has changed today.

Instead of sitting around a campfire, we bask in the electronic glow of the internet where […]

Just Friends or Lovers

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Just Friends or Lovers?

In the Deep End is the latest book from New Zealand Author, Nicky Webber. It’s a love story between two couples who are life-long friends and is set in both California and New Zealand.

Below are a few comments from readers who took on the onerous task of assessing the book during the weeks leading up to its publication on Amazon.com

“I loved reading it! The characters are so […]

Readers Five Star Reviews

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Reader’s Five Star Reviews

I throughly enjoyed reading this amazing story. It is incredibly well researched and beautifully written.  The characterization is brilliant. No Ordinary Man describes the life and innermost thoughts and emotions of a war hero during his years of military service. I highly recommend this book. Sonja

I started this book with doubts, as it dealt with war. Then I totally got absorbed with the main […]

Book Makes Case for Tolerance

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Book Makes Case for Tolerance

Yesterday’s review of No Ordinary Man in the Tamahere Forum

Tamahere author Nicky Webber has made a strong plea for tolerance in her first book No Ordinary Man. Webber, a former journalist, tells the story of Mick Thompson, a young, World War II soldier who is forced by the times and intolerance to hide his true nature. A brave soldier who fought in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and […]

NEW eBook Release! In the Deep End

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NEW eBook Release!
In the Deep End

Pre-order your new kindle eBook before it’s release on Amazon on April 30th.

The contemporary fiction paperback will arrive soon.

This bold new novel examines the complexities of marriage and the love bonds that hold us and sometimes kill us. It explores the irrationalities of human nature with a riveting narrative that challenges social convention. This moving family saga contradicts moral stereotypes, defying love-bonds that […]

ANZAC With A Difference

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ANZAC With A Difference

Celebrating our our hard won democratic freedoms.

Somehow, with recent acts of violence, our thoughts go to the soldiers who lost their lives during world wars fought for our freedom and democratic rights.

There are only two weeks until our Annual national ANZAC DAY commemoration on April 25th. It is an event that unifies us all.

Will it be different this year, our hearts and minds seared by […]

Wrestling with Words

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Wrestling with Words

Most of the comments, edits and changes have been handed back to me for my new contemporary romance, In the Deep End.

I’m now in the highly technical phase of ‘turd polishing’ as it’s officially known in the publishing industry. The BIG question is; How perfect and shiny can I get my second book before it hits the shelves?

It’s Autumn and I set myself an April […]

Checkout what readers are saying

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Check Out What Readers are Saying?

Five Star Reviews on all the key platforms for this New Book – No Ordinary Man.

Befriending a literary character – Amazon Customer Reviews

February 23, 2019

Dr A Risenberger  Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

I started this book with doubts, as it dealt with war. Then I totally got absorbed with the main character Mick, and waited eagerly every day for the […]

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