In the Deep End Bk 1 Chapter 2

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Enjoy Chapter Two from In the Deep End-Book 1

Continuing on from my previous Chapter One in my blog and facebook page: Read for free right here!



In the early evening, several weeks later, Alex stood in the fading light, surveying the soft expanse of the master bedroom he used to share with his late wife. He was sure he could still sense her presence in the room. He could smell […]

In the Deep End Book One Chapter One

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In the Deep End – Book One will have the first four chapters blogged over the next few weeks. Subscribe to get the latest updates.


Written by Nicky Webber

Published by Media Publishers Ltd

Copyright © 2019 Nicky Webber

The right of Nicky Webber to be identified as the author of this work in terms of section 96 […]

When Pluto Bites – Plutocracy

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When Pluto Bites

Food for thought over the weekend – enjoy a good one!

The word plutocracy is rising to the surface in many news feeds recently. I thought it may be something to do with Pluto, the affable independent dog that belonged to Donald Duck (for those of you under 35 – that’s an ancient Disney World cartoon). Or that it meant a political structure that was outside the norm, like […]

Can’t See The Woods For The Trees?

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You Can’t See the Woods for the Trees?

Here’s TEN tips for planning your next book. When I’m half-way through writing a new book, I’m already making notes and planning for my next book.

In this way, I’m working across two projects at once. When my book is with editors and going through the proof-reading process, I have a few weeks to kick into action in drafting my next masterpiece. Here’s how […]

Not a Push Over – excerpt

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See Who Isn’t A Push Over

Excerpt from Push Over – a short story about betrayal and revenge.

When Dr Alan Quinn returned home from the medical conference in Auckland three days later, his wife met him at the front door. His tall, muscular stature filled the open door frame, while his broad smile seemed to light up the entryway. Unruly hair disguised a man with a razor-sharp intellect that spent most […]

Paula’s Happy Place

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Paula’s Happy Place

It’s been a rough start to the New Year dealing with the death of a close friend and struggling with a sense of loss experienced by people close to me.

What do you say to a dying friend who tells you she’s frightened? Do you mine the depths of avoidance and distraction, or do you front up with respect and love in the hope of providing some solace, providing […]

BOOK TWO Reader Reviews

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FIRST Book Reviews of In the Deep End – Book Two

NEW book in this series and already hitting a 5-STAR rating

“Thoroughly enjoyed Book Two, their relationships continue to be complex and interesting. “The Project” had me totally captivated and intrigued and became a “couldn’t put down “page turner.” Raewyn Viljoen

“I’ve known author Nicky Webber for some time and she’s just launched her third book In the Deep End – Book […]

What the Best Advice?

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Whats the Best Advice You Ever Received?

I’ve a wonderful friend who’s older than me. Throughout my child-rearing daze, she was always ten years ahead, offering sage advice at every stumble.

Her words of wisdom still guide me today. One of the most notable was the following:

“Before going out anywhere make sure your nipples are aligned.” 

Thank you, Mrs Marais! 

I know it’s not funny for all those who have breastfed! But when you […]

Getting the Job Done

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Getting the Job Done

I am working on two books this year – my 2020 goals!

If it’s anything like my exercising and healthy eating goals, I won’t stand a chance.

But I’ve committed myself to churn out 2,000 words a day on my new book, “Sophia,” which I started in December last year. So far, I am up to 44,000 words. YES, you’re right. I don’t have a life! I need around […]

New Year New Dare 2020

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New Year, New Dare!

I have a policy of never looking back.

That stuff is all done and dusted, it’s sentenced to a fixed way of being, and there’s nothing much you can do about it. Some self-help proponents advise apologising to those you have wronged. I’ve tried it. It works sometimes …

But if you’re into letting go and moving forward, you often don’t need to pick the scab off some failure […]

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