FIRST Book Reviews of In the Deep End – Book Two

NEW book in this series and already hitting a 5-STAR rating

“Thoroughly enjoyed Book Two, their relationships continue to be complex and interesting. “The Project” had me totally captivated and intrigued and became a “couldn’t put down “page turner.” Raewyn Viljoen

“I’ve known author Nicky Webber for some time and she’s just launched her third book In the Deep End – Book Two. It’s part of a series but can be read as a stand-alone contemporary story. It’s a real page turner and perfect for Christmas holiday reading.” Carolyn Boardman”Another unique story about this extended family and their secrets. Good use of foreshadowing adding tension with cunning subplots which add spice and variety to this great read.” Tina Shaw, Book Editor

“I’ve just finished Book 2 of In The Deep End. Both books were fabulous and I’m looking forward to her next one! I’m back into reading for relaxation after a long break.” Larraine Pita

“More intrigue and tension. Couldn’t put it down. 5 Stars – a great read!” Marion Campbell.

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