Book Two Gets Glowing Reader Feedback!

After the editors had worked their magic, the Crash Test Reading Team, scrutinised my NEW book.

Some have already returned their copy of, In the Deep End – Book Two, with GREAT responses!

“What a great read Nicky, I couldn’t put it down, reading it all in a couple of hours!  Can’t wait for your next one.” Larraine

“Another unique story about this extended family and their secrets. Good use of foreshadowing adding tension with cunning subplots which add spice and variety to this great read.” Tina

“Several themes run through this book that ebb and flow, keeping the reader intrigued. Readers are left with more thinking to do at the conclusion. Well done!” Sue

There are five avid readers in my Beta Reading Team, and they live in three different countries. To my surprise and delight each of them pick up different things, like the odd typo or irregularity. They get the copy AFTER the professional book editor and proof reader have scoured through the chapters.

I asked them several CRITICAL questions;

  • Were there any segments that were boring or unclear?
  • Tell me where there is a lull in the action?
  • Is there enough excitement and intrigue to keep you hooked?
  • Are there any other improvements that need to be made?

Just waiting on two other responses but so far their feedback has been GREAT!

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