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No Ordinary Man
A Five Star Read

He materialised from his bedroom, like a gossamer butterfly, resplendent in his transformation. His flatmates, already dressed as Karen and Victoria, were aghast at Moira’s complete obliteration of Mick.

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This is Book One in the Deep End  Series.

In the Deep End. Set in New Zealand and California, two couples are lifelong friends who move between both countries as two of the protagonists reveal their life-long secret love affair. This riveting romantic suspense explores human nature and challenges convention.

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Find out more about the Book No Ordinary Man by Nicky Webber

Coming Soon.
A Work in Progress.

I’m currently sweating over a laptop to meet my self-imposed deadline of 21st December to complete this sequel, Book Two in the “In the Deep End” series. ONLY 40,000 more words to write!!! NO PRESSURE!

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