No Ordinary Man


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No Ordinary Man

Author Nicky Webber has woven an intricate and detailed picture of this extraordinary, multi-faceted man – bullied child, brave and resourceful soldier, skilled cabinet-maker, illicit lover, estranged father, secret cross-dresser.

It is a novel which evokes considerable pathos and it is a story that is gently yet undeniably touching. And astoundingly, it is based on a true story, of a real, World War II New Zealand soldier who was involved in all the events Nicky Webber has meticulously accumulated from “Nina”, the niece who befriended Mick in his later years and to whom he eventually poured out his life-long secret. It’s a quite remarkable story.

Independently reviewed by Kingsley Field, journalist for Seasons Magazine in July’s edition.

47 in stock


No Ordinary Man

To the outside world, Mick Thompson seems like any other young soldier heading off to WWII in 1941.

As the war is nearing its zenith, Europe and America throw all their resources at the expanding Nazi terror. But Mick hides a profound secret which he tries to repress as the war expands across Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and into Italy.

Most would say he’s just an ordinary trooper surviving in cramped trenches, where Nazi enemy forces relentlessly pound him day and night. In these circumstances, most of us would revert to jibbering, depressives. Instead, Mick creates an alter-ego that goes well beyond his wildest imaginings. This fabrication is so addictive, Mick continues to maintain the identity swap after his return to New Zealand in 1945. He soon develops a love for his neighbour’s wife, forming the emotional crucible of his real-life story.

Can this war hero maintain the fiction of his restricted reality? Will his affair blow his cover and confidence? Mick’s secret obsession is just one of his many aspects explored in this complex character. This clever narrative examines the emotional and psychological roller coaster of war, love, and sex with humor and insight across the backdrop of the world at war.

“I’m no historian, so the book is written as seen through the eyes of Mick’s real-life personality, with hours of collaboration with his niece, diary notes, a few photographs and lots of historical research to match his movements to facts,” explains Nicky. “This is why it took more than two years to write this intriguing story.”

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2 reviews for No Ordinary Man

  1. Jordan Statham

    Loved this book – well paced and well written, such a fascinating character!
    Great read, would definitely recommend.

  2. Nicky Webber

    I throughly enjoyed reading this amazing story. It is incredibly well researched and beautifully written. The characterization is brilliant. No Ordinary Man describes the life and innermost thoughts and emotions of a war hero during his years of military service. I highly recommend this book. Sonja Konings Amazon.uk

    I started this book with doubts, as it dealt with war. Then I totally got absorbed with the main character Mick and waited eagerly every day for time to read. Now that I’ve finished the book I feel so lonely, I miss them. I hope the author writes more, what a reading a pleasure. Dr A Risenberger, Amazon.com

    A powerful book.Some do it hard. This book is my first Kiwi perspective on the war, a refreshingly different view, very powerfully portrayed. Excellent. Stephen Toman Goodreads.com

    A truly remarkable story. As I read the book I was unable to put it down. Such an intriguing story with many twists and turns. Well done. Sharron Hickman, Goodreads.com

    I really enjoyed betting to know Mick. The detail in the book has been so well researched and Mick a s a person came to life for me. Bernie Keating, Amazon.uk

    It only took a few chapters for me to connect with this book. I had to keep on reading – from the brutalities of war, to the tenderness of enduring friendships and unusual alliances, this book gripped me on a number of levels. Carmen Sharrock, Goodreads.com

    No Ordinary Man had me riveted from cover to cover. An amazing insight into this fascination man’s life, loves and tragedies. I was disappointed when it finished. Marilyn Rawlinson, Goodreads.com

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