My Neanderthal Genes!

I was quietly minding my own business, and out of left field, an email update from arrived in my inbox relating to a genetics test I did ten years ago.

This new “Trait Report” had some wild and wonderful things. It stated: “Unibrow… Likely No Unibrow.” Thank heavens for that! Finally, my face and back waxing is starting to pay off. (Yes, impatience is my key trait), it stated that I was 98% Northwestern European, of that 49.9% is French and German. 37.8% is British and Irish, and the balance is marginal. EXCEPT for the Neanderthal genes!

The document reported that my percentage of Neanderthal Ancestry is higher than 90% of their clients! WOW!! I’m in the top 10% with cavemen attributes. That explains the deep-set eyes, thickened brow, and grunting excitement at barbeques! I instinctively felt a deep urge to kill something big, a wild beast, and spit-roast it over the coals. Pity I’m mostly eating veggies these days. Sigh! The pressure of boring healthy living!

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