Book Published, and Won

Cambridge author, Nicky Webber, has recently launched her fourth contemporary fiction book, In the Deep End-Book Two.

And two News readers – Jackie Mical and Pauline Reid – have each won a copy.

‘I’m intrigued by male and female relationships, and this story focusses on a trio I met some years ago,’ Nicky explains. ‘Two couples who were best friends and when one of the wives dies, the widowed husband moves in with the couple. All three continue to live in a ‘marriage’ and raise their four children.

She said it formed the backbone of In the Deep End. ‘I’m fascinated by the dynamics of a woman living with two husbands and how it works’

Known as ‘polyandry’ in research material, women with several husbands were prevalent in Tibet and India during the middle ages.

‘I love complex characters and write about their psychological desires, and what motivates the mad things they do,’ Nicky said.

‘My objective is to allow readers to come to their conclusions but with a little more insight and empathy for people who live different lives.’

‘People take life too seriously, and while I write seriously, and with humour, I believe in having fun and making every moment count. We need more kindness and laughter in today’s world.’

Although Book Two is the sequel to In the Deep End – Book One, both novels can operate as stand-alone.

Book Two continues the family saga as the adult children return to California after living in New Zealand.

Nicky Webber’s books are available online on Amazon, and at Cambridge PaperPlus or

Published article above 13th March 2020; from Cambridge News