Top 5 Tips

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Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Writing.

Most writer’s celebrate the completion of their first draft.

It’s wonderful to see writers toast themselves with their favourite tipple and post photos on social media. Finally, the masterpiece is complete! Sadly the euphoria is short lived as harsh reality becomes a bitter pill to swallow.

NOW the REAL WORK begins. ‘Completing’ the story is only the beginning of a long journey in a writer’s life. […]

Stick to Knitting

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Stick to Your Knitting!

Rewriting my fifth book has been akin to unpicking my knitting

GAWD it’s been hard yards grinding through the rewrites recommended by my Editor for my new book, Duplicity. It’s that classic conundrum, when the book is “finished” (haha), the hard work really begins. The closest way I can describe it, is like unpicking knitting when you have the wrong size needles and a pattern you can’t decipher…so […]