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Book Two Gets Glowing Reader Feedback!

After the editors had worked their magic, the Crash Test Reading Team, scrutinised my NEW book.

Some have already returned their copy of, In the Deep End – Book Two, with GREAT responses!

“What a great read Nicky, I couldn’t put it down, reading it all in a couple of hours!  Can’t wait for your next one.” Larraine

“Another unique story about this extended family and their secrets. […]

Pre-Order the latest book In the Deep End Series

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Pre-Order In the Deep End – Book Two

Perfect for Christmas holiday reading – order now for 1st of December release!

This is the second book in the Deep End Series. This captivating family saga continues with Hawke, exploring his love relationship.

This romantic suspense deepens when Hawke and Sacha return to their native Los Angeles after a year in New Zealand. Their affair sets up a chain reaction that threatens their bond […]


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You can download the FREE kindle version of, In the Deep End Book One, for four days ONLY!

Diarise this offer for a Free kindle copy  of, In the Deep End – Book One, from Sunday Oct 10th to Thurs Oct 14th.

Read this contemporary page turner by New Zealand Author Nicky Webber.  Ideal for the Christmas holidays – Two American couples escape to New Zealand’s summer. Enjoy […]

What did the Editor Say?

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What did the Editorial Assessor Say?

I’ve just finished reading through the independent Editors Assessment of my NEW book – In the Deep End-Book Two.

It’s simply incredible what Tina Shaw comes up with – sound advice and creative suggestions to push my creative thinking a little harder.

The Assessor’s job is critical to the success of any book. They review the structure and content in detail, and Tina Shaw always does an exceptional […]

A Taste for Trout Tickling

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Tickling the Trout

From Chapter 9,  In the Deep End – Book One

It was some time later when the pair began their lifelong affair yet again. Although their relationship, they thought, had finished years ago, it wasn’t entirely over. Wanting closure is the contemporary expression for terminating a relationship, especially a friendship for life and love like the one that had bound Amira and Alex together since their teenage years.

Amira didn’t […]

Best Friends or Lovers – Book Review From Seasons Magazine

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GREAT book Review

Great review for In the Deep End – Book One from Seasons Magazine.

The is an excerpt from a full page book review in the October edition of Seasons Magazine – with over  100,000 readers across the Bay of Plenty and Waikato.

“The author takes you into the hearts and minds of these two married couples who navigate through 21st-century social convention.  In the Deep End, is a superb piece […]

October is a Write Off

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October is a Write Off

Saturation writing and speaking events abound!

The juggling act continues with several articles published in Season’s Magazine bringing my journalistic prowess to the fore along with the momentus completion of my fourth book, which is Book Two in the series, In the Deep End. It has been hastily fired off to the Editorial Assessor while I gird my proverbial waiting for the Assessor’s de-constructive advice. Yes […]

Fishing In the Deep End – Book One

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Excerpt From In the Deep End – Book One

Part of Chapter Nine – Tickling the Trout

In truth, it was a very convenient affair. Both men were close friends and had been in the same elementary school together. But it was in College where they both grew closer and spent weekends away camping and fishing. Fred had taught Alex to fly fish for trout on several annual trips over the years […]

First Draft … Almost Taking Flight

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Here’s the Real Secret to Checking that First Draft

After months of hard-core writing, I’ve almost finished my first draft of my third book ready for … REWRITING and CHECKING. Luckily, I have four hearty souls with proof reading skills as sharp as a steal trap. Where’s Wally is something they play in their sleep. They don’t smoke, drink or stay up late at night. They’re razor-sharp and fully-focused on reading […]

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