April May 2021 News Letter

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My Monthly Newsletter

Just back from a fabulous five days in Whangamata

(Sounds like Enid Blyton!)

Swimming, body surfing, and enjoying the magic of our gorgeous coastline.

Who needs overseas travel?

The Book Fair, Ages of Pages

Held at the Pavilion in the Hamilton Gardens was a huge success and […]

Crow’s Song Excerpt

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We stare upwards in collective horror.

I bolt across the fields, running towards the plummeting Mosquito aircraft, while the others cling onto one another, shouting unintelligible warnings.

I’m not sure what to do, but every second counts. Pam, my youngest cousin, shrieks towards the sky above. Flames are clearly visible from the broken right wing. Billowing smoke coils as the plane pirouettes, […]

Interviewing Awarding Winning Novelist Carole Brungar

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Interview With Awarding Winning Novelist Carole Brungar

How many books have you written and how do you decide on the plot?

I published my first novel, A Tide Too High, back in 2014. It took about nine months to write and some two years to re-write. I’m preparing to publish my 5th novel and my 4th Vietnam related story. The Vietnam War has […]

New Shadows Between Lies Series

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New Shadows Between Lies Series

Completing My New Series…

I’m busy working on finalizing the New Shadows Between Lies Series. I hope to have Book One – When We Believed, a novella for 75 pages on Amazon during March. The other two books are completed and I’m busy doing all those final checks and tweaks. Book One is currently with my editor […]

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Crow’s Song Committment

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I kicked off 2021 with an early night’s sleep…

and if you’re like me you didn’t miss a thing!

Every day, I thank heavens that we live in this lucky country, more obvious now than it’s ever been. I enjoyed a good year.

My new book Duplicity is selling well and continues to enjoy 5-Star reviews on Amazon. But I also started new […]

Bikini Scandal

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After years of exhaustive research, I made a scandalous discovery!

As we head for the beaches, it’s time to determine the true creator of the Bikini? The world thinks the flimsy two-piece was first worn in Paris in 1946. You can assume the enthusiasm after WWII spilled over into beachwear. But there’s no beach there!

Delving further into antiquity, I discovered they […]

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Absconding From Reality

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I’ve been trying to immerse myself in writing my new book, Crow’s Song, part of a historical fiction series if I ever get the first book completed!

At this spluttering start-stop stage it may devolve into a stand-alone novel. Somehow, life gets in the way and besides, I’m tired. Exhausted by political stagnation in the world and bored with COVID-19. Thankfully, […]

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Moving up the Rankings

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An article I wrote for the latest Summer edition of NZSA Author Magazine has a few handy tips for writers struggling to get traction in the online publishing world.

With 33 million book titles, it’s no surprise that the world’s biggest online retailer relies heavily on bots, replete with complex algorithms to make your eyes water. Want to weep some more? […]

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Book Ranking Online

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There’s something rank in the world of online publishing.

I’ve felt down and been asking THE QUESTION. WHY am I writing? It’s an isolating, thankless, frustrating task and one that seems more fruitless when you consider the relentless war of *SEO words when plugging your products into a hugely competitive global market.

Yesterday, someone asked me where did my books rank? Because I’ve […]

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