GREAT Reviews for Duplicity

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These are genuine recent reviews for Duplicity, on a number of online sources which I have copied here.

5 Star Rated:  Wow! What a life “Sophia” led! Once I started reading Duplicity I was captivated and drawn into “Sophia’s” life. And what a life! Great novel Nicky.

Sharron Hickman

I couldn’t put Duplicity down. I found the subject completely believable […]

Nicky Reading a Short Excerpt from Duplicity

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Listen to a short clip of Nicky reading from her new book Duplicity – secrets of decadent double life.

Set in Sydney and based on a true story this will give you a taste of this exciting read.

This reading is from the New Zealand Society of Authors on YouTube – see many other l0cal authors reading […]

GoodReads Ratings

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Getting readers to leave book reviews on line is the toughest job

The world’s largest book retailer makes it tough to get independently verified readers to leave a book review online. Which makes it tougher to improve an author’s rankings and attract new sales. So a catch-22 that never used to exist until the online feeding frenzy took over.

I’ve copied the […]

Duplicity Book – New Book Review

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This morning I received this wonderful review from a delighted reader.

As a lecturer in the Language and Literature Department at the University of Cape Town, I keep up to date with world-literature, which introduces me to many varied authors.

After reading ‘Duplicity,’ it has confirmed that Nicky Webber, is by far, my favourite author of 2020.

To-date I have read four of […]

Chat & Spin UK Interview

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Listen to UK Interview

Sunday 29th March 10.10am

Just to let you know I am being interviewed by UK presenter, Ronald Clark, on Chat & Spin Radio https://chatandspinradio.com/ at 10.10am Sunday (tomorrow 29th March) discussing my writing. Tune in online if you wish.

I’ll post the actual link of the interview once it’s complete.

THANKS for your support!

Nicky […]

No Ordinary Man Book Review

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New Book Review of No Ordinary Man

Verified independent reader from Facebook.

“I have just finished, ‘No Ordinary Man’.  It was most enjoyable and informative. My dad was in the 2NZEF in North African campaign and the sent to Greece and Crete where he was captured and spent the rest of the war in a POW camp in Germany. This book gave […]

Getting Book Reviews

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Whats the Problem with Book Reviews?

The REAL BUZZ about writing is meeting and talking to so many wonderful readers.

Strangers email me or come up and chat about my books. Some write messages of delight on Messenger or in private emails, which almost defeats the purpose of acknowledging a good book. On request, some have generously copied their comments onto my […]

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