“Author Nicky Webber has woven an intricate and detailed picture of this extraordinary, multi-faceted man – bullied child, brave and resourceful soldier, skilled cabinet-maker, illicit lover, estranged father, secret cross-dresser. It is a novel which evokes considerable pathos and it is a story that is gently yet undeniably touching. And astoundingly, it is based on a true story, of a real, World War II New Zealand soldier who was involved in all the events Nicky Webber has meticulously accumulated from “Nina”, the niece who befriended Mick in his later years and to whom he eventually poured out his life-long secret. It’s a quite remarkable story.”

No Ordinary Man, by Nicky Webber; Reviewed by Kingsley Field, journalist for Seasons Magazine. Excerpt from full book review on page 41 of July’s edition.

Nicky Webber at Inspirit Art Gallery in Tamahere, Cambridge

The books are available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats and also direct from the Author. Contact

I’m about half way through drafting my third book. It’s called;

Ripple Effect

Cleverly deceptive like the truth it protects

It continues with the recently published, contemporary fiction book, In the Deep End, which will become Book One (slight cover change!)

I have drafted up the blurb for the back of this new book and want to make sure it resonates with you. It’s only a few short paragraphs. Are you able to read it and suggest any amendments or edits please? I already have a good proof reader lined up to check ALL the Content! But I’d like your opinion and suggestions first.

This is a mock up of the Ripple Effect Cover as part In the Deep End series.

The Ripple Effect is the second book in the Deep End series. This captivating family saga continues with Hawke, exploring his love relationships with family and friends.

This romantic suspense deepens when he and Sacha decide to return to Los Angeles after a year in New Zealand. Their affair sets up a chain reaction that threatens their bond and exposes the family’s darkest secrets. Was it a mistake to include Fred in Hawke’s fraudulent plan and will Amira tolerate the level of deceit they all share in maintaining appearances?

The fine line between them defines the emergence and reversals of this delicate tale with unexpected love and loss exposed in this intriguing narrative. The cleverly drawn characters could comfortably live next door, as they bring you into their private real-life struggle to resolve the emotional web they have woven. This fast-paced story is unstoppable as the plot twists and turns, making for an unforgettable study in the complexities of modern relationships.

Read, In The Deep End, Book One, in this series to maximise your enjoyment of this fascinating contemporary novel.

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In the Deep End – Cover

Another brilliant design from Pete Brasler who has captured the essence of this NEW contemporary romance to be released in April/May. He worked with several images and took a 5 line brief and translated it into an arresting cover. THANKS Pete for excellent creative work!

Love to hear what you think – does this cover attract your attention. See for the back cover blurb too.

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