Changing the Face of it

Changing covers is no easy task.

It’s one of those things, once you start looking at trends and best sellers, all the covers merge into one big colourful mess.

I’ve finally updated my book covers. It helps having more experience. Understanding the market and having a good cover critic, or three, prompted me to spring into acton. They have now been simplified and designed to relate to their relevant book categories. So hopefully my novels will be much easier to find and reflect more readily what the story inside the covers is all about.

I will be spending time upgrading my website and social media with the new cover images too so it’s going to take awhile for them to filter through. It’s a time consuming business and I SHOULD be completing The Lark, a romantic suspense thriller due for release towards the end of the year. I only have two final chapters to write too!

I am also compiling a short story collection of ten stories, all under 3,000 words (about 4 pages), which gives some idea of my writing style, from serious to humorous, romance to reality, historical and contemporary. Madness I’ve been told, but the variety keeps me entertained and I hope it will keep you amused and entertained too. That’s due for release before the end of the year too.

Fingers crossed everything goes to plan – hahah – I know…life never does!