Unlock Your Christmas Reading Paradise! πŸ“šπŸŽ„

Is it too early to talk about free Christmas reading? Not at all! In fact, it’s all part of my festive book marketing strategy. I’m giving you the gift of free ebooks well before the holiday rush.

If you’re anything like me, you download ebooks onto your Kindle reader, promising yourself you’ll get to them… during the Christmas break. Free Christmas reading is my guilty pleasure!

Fortunately, in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s summer, and I’m hoping to bask in the luxury of lazy days on a lounger, surrounded by peace and quiet. It might be a dream, but what’s life without hope and dreams? If I can sneak in an hour or four each day to tackle my TBR (To Be Read) List, then I’m in heaven.

After the family has savored their Christmas dinner and gone to their respective homes the next day, I embark on a cleaning spree and eventually pass out in a coma. When I wake up on the magical 27th of December, I allow myself to sleep in until at least 8 am – quite a feat for someone who usually rises at 5 am. But if I detect even the slightest noise downstairs, I stay in bed and keep reading.

Here’s a true confession: I once stayed in bed reading until hunger finally forced me to crawl downstairs, with only four chapters left in a gripping bestseller. Painful, I know. I managed to rustle up a slice of Christmas cake and scurried back upstairs with a hot cup of coffee, resuming my blissful Christmas reading session – uninterrupted cake and book consumption!

But I digress; let’s talk about the real treat here – two of my 4-Star FREE books that you can add to your Christmas TBR list. I hope you’ll read them and maybe even leave a review. If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, all my books are free. If not, this is your chance to grab two more for your holiday reading pleasure.

These two gems will be available for free from September 22nd to 26th. So mark your calendars and set a reminder to snag your copies.

πŸ“˜ Confessions of Love – Dive into ten short romantic suspense stories of all kinds!

πŸ“˜ In the Deep End – Book One – A thrilling tale of marriage, secrets, and the unexpected.

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Enjoy your festive reading! πŸŽπŸ“–