Confessions of Love – A Curated Collection of Lovers Stories.

Do you wonder what goes on in other people’s minds? Confessions of Love is a Curated Collection of 10 original, never-seen-before love stories.

Escape into love, adventure, romance, suspense and history amongst the entertaining pages of this well-crafted book. 
Immerse yourself in sharp, bite-sized intrigue and taste the dynamic flavours of fear, fun, humour and excitement. From thriller driven to mystery and passion, it’s all here in this selection of fast-paced stories.

These delicious snippets are like life, an emotional roller-coaster, an escape from the humdrum. Confessions of Love – A Curated Collection of Lovers Stories, like Nicky Webber’s novels, delve into the differences. Tears and trauma, fun and laughter, with love and romance that’s intense and uplifting.

Enjoy Confessions of Love, which are snapshots of other people’s relationships.

No blood or violence was used in the making of these entertaining short stories.

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“This is a great collection of relationship-based stories. As you’ve shown in previous writing, there’s the nitty-gritty of emotional situations between couples that is captured very well. I really enjoyed reading the various relationship nuances that these stories represent.” Tina Shaw Editor.

“I was hooked from the start. As a reader, I wanted to read more!” Lance Howell.
“Great portraits of marriage and the psychological impacts with unexpected twists and turns. Let’s see more of these.” Jayne Sutton.

“Moving and poignant stories. I love the twists with the unexpected changes in the dynamics of the characters.” Mary Watson

“Another twist! Wow, you are great at throwing the unexpected into these stories. I was fully expecting it to be another woman.” Eric Hall