I wrote, Confessions of Love, while overseas at the end of last year.

My husband said I should call it, “What Your Lovers Told Me,” and in hindsight, I think his advice was more catchy and true to the content.

Struggling with intermittent WI-FI along with the interruptions of traveling, eating and drinking, meant I didn’t advertise or promote this book air all. But readers are starting to respond with four and five star reviews of, Confessions of Love. Here are a couple I saw today:

“I loved this book so much. It’s a collection of 10 short stories that will have your emotions running. This book portrays heartbreak, grief, love, drama, and so many other topics!

All the characters are well written and I loved all the twists.

In short, these short stories are well worth the read and will have you feeling many different emotions. I definitely recommend this quick read and I look forward to reading more of this authors work in the future.” Lauren Lowe – Goodreads

“A collection of ten short romantic suspense stories with unexpected twists and turns. The distinctive narration makes it relatable. I was impressed by the author’s excellent writing style and unique stories. They are enchanting, uplifting and heartwarming. You are drawn right into the tales by the author’s flawless weaving. There is no doubt that they will tug at your heartstrings. There is a mix of emotions throughout the stories. There are confessions, drama, secrets, obsessions, heartbreaks, griefs, uncertainties, memories, mysteries, and suspicions. Despite the simplicity of the language, the emotions are accurately conveyed. A few break your heart, and others make you nod your head in agreement as if you had witnessed a similar event.” Anu – Goodreads

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Sadly no one in the UK or Australia has read it! I guess having a global advertising budget is key. Sigh.

Learn more and read a short sample here and purchase from Amazon. If you live in NZ you can contact me direct for a paperback copy.