Who Knew Something so small …

Sending good health to you all in this wild virus world we now occupy.

Everyone’s life is now turned on its head.

After locking down four schools in Auckland, I’m hoping the government will raise us to Level 4, so we ride this out in greater safety. Today, 23rd March 2020, I saw a graph comparing us to Italy, and we are now exactly tracking as they did 24 days ago – and we all know what a frightening state they’re enduring. Total lockdown is the only way to beat this thing and limit the onslaught.

It’s been tough trying to concentrate on other things, writing is a major casualty. I spend my time worrying about family and food, yes, I’m a casualty of the supermarket hoarders! The good news is I started a veg garden 4 weeks ago and will be living on onions, herbs and pasta as the weeks go on. Self-isolation has its benefits too, the housework has been done thoroughly! I do miss sharing a friendly cuppa with those nearby but a small price to pay for everyone’s good health.

Remember, “this will also pass.”

Stay safe and take care of one another out there!