Crow’s Song Reader Reviews.

Thanks everyone for your generosity and taking the time to write a few words about my new book. It’s only been out for three weeks and here’s a couple of samples from

“Crow’s Song is an excellent novel based on true history. The details of the two key characters’ lives during WW2 are very compelling. A young boy in the occupied Netherlands, and the young girl evacuated into the countryside to escape the bombing in Britain, who meet at war’s end. The nitty gritty detail of their different lives growing up, and subsequent lives together, makes for a very good read.”  Jeff Taylor

“It was such an eye-opening look at what children went through during the war, forcing them into the adult world long before their time. Crow’s Song is, at times, heartbreaking and confronting, but ultimately it is a story of how two people found each in extraordinary circumstances and fell in love.” Nikki Crutchley

Paperback copies of Crow’s Song are available from PaperPlus in Cambridge or direct from me. Just drop me an email [email protected] Or buy here from Amazon worldwide.

Enjoy Reading!