Diary of a Survivor So Far

Been in lock-down since 16th of March, a week earlier than the government called for. Here’s the Diary of a Survivor So Far:

Week One – Obsessive news watching, fretting and mild stress about anyone who comes too close. Coping without flour (I rarely bake so have coped all my adult life without that ingredient!) There’s a bag of flour, at least 4-months old, in the pantry – what a blessing (NOT – I’ll save it for desperate times) I’m not about to start baking unless we’re experiencing a NDE (Near Death Experience from a bread free diet). Surviving without toilet paper, meat, bread, rice, pasta, soap etc …YIKES … the most frightening aspect of that first week was the weekly shop to the supermarket! It was almost empty. Alarming reality hit home.

Week Two – Obsessive cleaning, I know hard to believe!! Just Janola’d my food shopping! Who would’ve thought a few weeks ago that those words would make any sense! Am light-headed with bloodshot watery eyes and a bit hazy about which day it is. No I haven’t got the virus…just the fumes of cleaning it off my stuff! Housework is very out of character for me (dust bunnies are my friends!), my schnauzers are hiding under the bed and my husband told me to have a couple of wines and lie down! (out of character for him too)

Predictions for Week Three – Obsessive Thoughts about going insane by day 30 and they’re bound to extend the lock-down too. Brace yourselves for unpaid double-time!….oh-oh!

Stay Safe out there!!