Award Winning Fiction?

I’m about to head off overseas in 11 days and have been decluttering my email inbox!

The last thing I expected was Duplicity being named as Award Winning Fiction runner up in the USA.

The last thing I need is spending my holiday answering 6000 emails. Well maybe not that much, but if feels like it some days! I had deleted Publisher’s Weekly and TopShelf magazine emails so didn’t get the notice!

Imagine my surprise when a fellow suspense author in the UK emails his congratulations for making the fiction runner up in the USA TopShelf Awards.

Hi Nicky

I noticed your Duplicity was on the same page as my book, Comfort Zone, as fiction runners-up in the Top Shelf Awards. Congratulations!

See p.15 of – TopShelf Magazine Awards

All the best,
Stephen Bentley

In a mad rush of blood to my frazzled writer’s brain I managed to find the article. I’m so excited! My book, Duplicity, has made fiction runner-up in the Top Shelf Awards in USA for both Fiction Drama and Fiction Romance, with an Honourable Mention too!

Duplicity has 185 reviews over 4-stars on Amazon.

Deep Breathing! I need to have some lunch and think about what I need to pack for may three-month jaunt along the Mediterranean!

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Enjoy the rest of the week everyone! AND a big thank you to those who have read my books and give me wonderful feedback and constructive criticism too!