This morning I received this wonderful review from a delighted reader.

As a lecturer in the Language and Literature Department at the University of Cape Town, I keep up to date with world-literature, which introduces me to many varied authors.

After reading ‘Duplicity,’ it has confirmed that Nicky Webber, is by far, my favourite author of 2020.

To-date I have read four of Webber’s novels: “No Ordinary Man” and two volumes of “In The Deep End.” Her new book “Duplicity” is racier than the others.

I loved each of her books, but I would like to suggest that like good wine, Webber is getting better with each novel.

About the book:

‘Duplicity’s main character is Sophia. On the first page, she is introduced as a child of two self-absorbed narcissists living in Sydney, Australia.

In the first few chapters, I resented her and was not sure if I wanted to know more about her. Still, as I was fascinated by her unique character, I decided to read a couple of chapters and within a couple of episodes, as Sophia’ grows up’, and her life unfolds I became engrossed in the story, and could not let put the book down. Amazing story-line, intriguing details and set right at our time. Yes, in 2020. ‘Duplicity’ is a page-turner.

For once, I didn’t mind the Covid’s lock-down as it allowed me to drop everything else and read ‘Duplicity’ with no interruptions.

If a reader is looking for an exciting subject, racy description, total fun and fascination, to be wholly absorbed and have a good time – ‘Duplicity’ is your book.