Recently I’ve sounded obsessive about book reviews but there is some good news. Duplicity has hit the 200 reader review mark.

It’s a bit like dating. If you aren’t looking for that perfect partner, then you’ll stumble across him in the most unexpected place. It’s the same with book reviews. I’ve been down in the dumps with frustration over Night Lark, and am keeping a close eye on reader reviews.

After getting the content re-edited I distracted myself with making chutney, plum jam and bottled pears. All made from my 14 fruit trees but they are only babies, like the picture, as the massive storm that’s been pounding New Zealand for some days tore off all my immature fruit. But I could use most of the ones I picked from the ground.

Next minute, when I screwed the lid on the last jar of fruit, I saw that Duplicity – Secrets of a Decadent Double Life – has hit 200 reader reviews.

After the tragic impacts of the flooding here, there was a little silver lining, and I could make use of the fruit of my labour.