Here’s the Real Secret to Checking that First Draft

After months of hard-core writing, I’ve almost finished my first draft of my third book ready for … REWRITING and CHECKING. Luckily, I have four hearty souls with proof reading skills as sharp as a steal trap. Where’s Wally is something they play in their sleep. They don’t smoke, drink or stay up late at night. They’re razor-sharp and fully-focused on reading my draft copy.

While the draft copy has been checked by me, let’s face it, that’s pretty meaningless. I’ve a bad case of, too-close-to-the-woods, so I can’t see the trees, let alone the dark undergrowth! But this secret, World Class Beta Team of  the FAV FOUR, (you know who you are), are just itching to receive my hard copy print-out and start scribbling all over it. It’s difficult to believe, but these people are limbering up after months of intensive training, to deliver peak performance. I hear they use vitamins and magnifying glasses to comb through every paragraph, shouting “UREKA!” whenever they discover a wayward apostrophe! They are Angels who will sprout wings and go straight up to Editor heaven! And I remain forever grateful for their wise and detailed notations! It’s enough to make your eyes water! AND it often does!

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