My new psychological thriller, The Foster Mother, was published two weeks ago.

The good news is that The Foster Mother has reviews in the USA with a rating of 4.5 stars.

Because the story is set in NZ & Australia, across three of their main cities, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, I ideally need to attract more readers in both countries before I can actively start promoting the book. Why?

You probably know yourself, if it’s a book with no reviews and no star-ratings then you’re unlikely to take a chance and buy it. If I have reviews on Amazon Australia, then the local readers in the Oceania region will pay more attention.In the past I’ve advertised new books before reader reviews and nothing works. I just hear the flushing noise of money gurgling down the toilet!

This morning over coffee I thought the best idea is to promote for free everywhere I can. Sure, that’s obvious. As Amazon in Australia is part of the USA Amazon, it makes perfect sense to me, The Foster Mother reviews in the United States could easily be transferred to my new book in Australia. Right? They’re genuine reviews and if under the book-link in Australia, other readers would be encouraged to buy the eBook or paperback, and leave Foster Mother reviews too. It’s a plan Stan… so am holding my breath to see if the Amazon gods agree with my rationing!

I’ve also compiled a psychiatric report for Lucy, the wicked antagonist in the Foster Mother, so all subscribers and new sign ups to my newsletter will get a free copy and learn more about the psychiatric persona of this character. Let me know what you think?

Happy Reading!

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