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Duplicity by Nicky Webber. All rights reserved June 2020


Years ago, I worked as a magazine journalist and stumbled upon a story about an intelligent, wealthy high-class call-girl. A hooker in anyone else’s vernacular. It took many months of assurances and rearranging private interviews before I was able to meet her in the flesh. It was one of the most astounding interview sessions I ever encountered. This information forms the basis of this true-life story, DUPLICITY.

For this reason, I have changed names, dates and some of the details to protect her identity. I also have not set this story in the original geographical location and have minimised content that could result in exposing her. I believe the story provides some insight into the psychological makeup of people who choose this lifestyle. She is, of course, a rare exception and bears no resemblance to the majority of broken women, who are hookers plying their trade, on city streets and in brothels. This compelling book explores the reasons why this attractive, university educated, daughter from a well-established, wealthy family pursued this decadent direction.

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